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Ekam World Center for Enlightenment in southern India is a mystic place and an international wisdom and meditation academy.

Co-Founders Preethaji and Krishnaji lead millions on profound journeys into consciousness, helping individuals find the healing, joy, peace, and purpose they seek. Ekam offers a variety of transformative experiences in India, in the USA and Canada, and virtually.

Ekam USA & Canada is a volunteer group that collaborates with Ekam founders and faculty. We work to advance the founders’ vision for the enlightenment of humanity.

We invite you to take a profound, transformational journey.

USA-Canada Events

Events conducted by specially Ekam trained One Consciousness Transformers and Ekam Mitras from the USA and Canada include: Power of The Beautiful State, 2-day spiritual workshops designed to help participants move from stressful to calm states; Ekam Circles, 1.5 hour sessions that tap into the power of universal intelligence in community gathering spaces; Daily Morning Practice, free meditation experiences to anchor higher consciousness;  Evening Meditation, free 30-minute guided meditation; and Deeksha, a sacred transfer of grace.

These events are designed to transform disconnection to connection, division to oneness, suffering to a beautiful state.

Preethaji Krishnaji

Preethaji-Krishnaji Events

Preethaji and Krishnaji with the support of Ekam faculty offer a group of liberation courses on campus in India called Ekam Tapas.

Field of Awakening, a 4-day journey in consciousness taught by Preethaji, is offered in the USA and Canada.

Virtual experiences include: Manifest and 5 Awakenings with Sri Preethaji.




Ekam Festivals

Two phenomenal festivals take place annually at Ekam: the Enlightenment Festival and the World Peace Festival. These festivals offer profound spiritual journeys.



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