USA & Canada

“Our vision is to help you move from a suffering state to a beautiful state, disconnection to connection, separation to being one”. 

~Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji

Ekam World Enlightenment Center is an international wisdom and meditation academy in southern India. Ekam means Oneness.

Founders Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji lead millions on profound journeys into consciousness, helping individuals find healing, joy, peace, and purpose. Ekam offers a variety of transformative experiences in India, in the USA and Canada, and virtually.

Ekam USA & Canada works in collaboration with Ekam founders and faculty to advance their vision for the enlightenment of humanity.

We invite you to take a profound, transformational journey into enlightenment.

Preethaji Krishnaji

Ekam Founders Events

Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji with offer both in-person and online experiences for your for enlightenment.

Experience Enlightenment is 4-hour event, with both Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji sharing the stage together, revealing the hidden roadmap to experience a beautiful life everyday. 

Field of Awakening, a 4-day journey in consciousness taught by Sri Preethaji, is offered in the USA and Canada.

Virtual experiences include: Manifest and 5 Awakenings with Sri Preethaji.

SKY is an extraordinary opportunity for young people to emerge into Oneness Young Leaders under the direct guidance of Sri Krishnaji.

Ekam Journeys in India

Sri Preethaji and SriI Krishnaji have created sacred journeys at Ekam in India for your enlightenment. These include Ekam Tapas, Ekam Anubhava, the Ekam Enlightenment Festival, and the Ekam World Peace Festival.

Ekam Tapas, an intensive 42-day journey, burns lifetimes of karma and ignorance. Tapas is a sacred Sanskrit term that denotes a process of kindling inner radiance and stoking the mystic fire in consciousness. Ekam Anubhava, a life-changing weekend retreat at Ekam, uncovers the power to reshape your destiny. Both Ekam Festivals are built on the science of consciousness that act like portals to go beyond the self.

When you experience powerful states of consciousness at Ekam, they become impressions on your brain, and your nervous system. They become your compass to navigate the waters of life forever.

Ekam Tapas

5 Awakenings

Ekam USA-Canada Events

Oneness Meditation Centers are opening across the USA and Canada. When you walk into an OM Center you will find a warm welcome and an inspiring menu of Ekam programs and practices.

Courses and other experiences offered throughout USA and Canada include: Power of The Beautiful State, 2-day course for living in calm connection; Stress Detox, 2-day course for dissolving stress from consciousness; Ekam Circle, sacred series of sessions tapping into the power of Universal Intelligence; and Ekam Siddhi, an experience of enlightenment gifted by Tapas participants upon their return from Ekam.

These offering by Ekam Trainers and Ekam Mitras are designed to support your journey into enlightenment.

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