Ekam Community

Ekam Svasthi Blessings

Join this 20-minute live blessing online from EKAM every evening. Connect with Ekam and receive blessings for your heartfelt intentions.

Nightly: 5:30 PM Pacific  6:30 PM Mountain  7:30 PM Central  8:30 PM Eastern

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Ekam Seekers Calls

An Ekam Seeker is one who desires to live free of suffering and to help others move out of suffering. An Ekam Seeker is one who desires to help bring about a total evolution in human consciousness!

Guided by Ekam Dasas, this one-hour call is designed to nurture our growth and evolution as Ekam Seekers.

  • A Special Meditation
  • Inspirational Sharing
  • Insight/Teachings
  • Collective Prayer

The Special Meditation will change for every call and is designed to have a profound impact on our consciousness and to nurture our spiritual journey of living an enlightened life!

1st and 3rd Thursdays: 5:00 PM Pacific     6:00 PM Mountain     7:00 PM Central     8:00 PM Eastern

Join Zoom with your first and last name.

Zoom ID:  810 1619 0037   Passcode: 123456

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Manifest Meditation Call

This call is exclusively for Manifest Members. Come for an hour of meditation to deepen the state you received at the Manifest!

Saturdays:  8:30 AM Pacific     9:30 AM Mountain     10:30 AM Central     11:30 AM Eastern

Check your email on how to connect.