Enlightenment Festival

Realize the Ultimate Human Aspiration

Journey with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji in the sanctum of Ekam and be transported into enlightened states of consciousness. 

Create and Honor the True Spirit of Awakening

December 4 – 10, 2023

What is Enlightenment?

  • the cessation of suffering
  • the cessation of the illusion of separation
  • the cessation of all division
  • an awakening to the causeless blissfulness of consciousness
  • an awakening to an equanimity that challenges cannot disturb
  • an awakening to a realm beyond the past and future, beyond here and here after, beyond me and you

The 5 States of Enlightenment


Ananda is derived from the root word Aa. which means from all sides. Nanda means joy. It is a spiritual state of being in which joy pours into you from all sides. Every experience of life feels blissful. Seeing, listening, talking, walking, solitude, relating – every experience is tinted with the quality of bliss. Your consciousness is like sponge that soaks up bliss from the universe.


Maha Karuna means the great quivering of the heart to a being’s pain. In this state of consciousness there arises a natural urge to end suffering- either of yourself or of another. You gaze deeply into the nature of all suffering and recognize the pain of all beings in your own heart and see your pain in all beings. You awaken to the oneness of all human experiences.


Sthitha Prajna means a state of unwavering wisdom. In this magnificent state of consciousness, you are unperturbed by the movement of thought or the movement of life. You are an observer, a witness to the flow of life- neither averse to any experience nor craving to hold on to any experience. You are in a state of equanimity.


Tat Tvam Asi means You are That. It is a glorious state of non-dual consciousness in which you go beyond body identification, mind identification and past identification. You go beyond all limiting mind projected definitions, to a state of being one. You are the tree. You are the sound of the bell that is heard across the valley. You are the footstep. You are the wind that blows over the waves. You are all.


Sakshatkara means I am the infinite, ever expanding source. This explosive enlightened state of consciousness is one in which the individual self realizes its inseparability from the cosmic self or the ever-expanding universal self. It is an enlightened state of consciousness in which you are all forms and the source behind all forms. You are the form and the formless. You are all existences and beyond all existence.

Three Sacred Elements

As human beings we are endowed with brains and consciousness that is capable of experiencing states beyond our struggling selves. Unfortunately civilization has excessively activated those parts of our brain that lead to incessant inner noise.

But this noise can be silenced. And we can awaken to the true potential of our consciousness. For this to happen, you need three sacred elements to come together.

  • The first sacred element is a powerful field in which to meditate. When you enter a powerful force field in consciousness as the one generated in Ekam you will open up to enlightened states that take you beyond your limited self.
  • The second sacred element is being in the presence of someone who can impact others consciousness by transmitting that state. As Preethaji and Krishnaji move into the state of Oneness or non-duality, these powerful states are transmitted to seekers who meditate with them.
  • The third sacred element is the incredibly powerful processes built on the science of consciousness that act like portals to go beyond the self.

When you experience powerful enlightened states of consciousness, they become impressions on your brain, and your nervous system which, thereafter become compasses to navigate the waters of life.


Join us at Ekam as we move towards our greater destiny, an enlightened way of life.  Registration costs for the Enlightenment Festival is dependent on the accommodation that you choose. All accommodations include meals and transportation to and from Ekam. The accommodations costs follow:

  • Sattva Campus 3 Standard Room $7700 Executive Room $8800 (both options are double occupancy)
  • Sattva Campus 3 Standard Room $15400 Executive Room $17600 (both options are single occupancy)
  • Turiya Campus 5 Block A Dormitory with air conditioning $3850

The registration fee is not refundable.  If you have questions, please write to info@ekam.org.