September Happenings

Sri Preethaji Online


The Manifest Series continues this month with Manifest Karmic Cleansing – Manifest Achievement, a 3.5 hour journey with Sri Preethaji. *Learn about the deep mystical connection between achievement and karmic forces. *Immerse in a powerful cleansing process that dissipates karmic forces, allowing the dimension of achievement to open in your consciousness. *Be blessed with three great states of being. *Learn the spiritual art of living and achieving from these magnificent states. *Receive a powerful Deeksha and awaken to great achievement, an extraordinary life, and a great destiny!

Sunday September 10

9:00 am PT  10:00 am MT  11:00 am CT  12:00 pm ET

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Sri Preethaji in USA & Canada

Field of Awakening

Field of Awakening

Sri Preethaji personally invites you to join her at the Field of Awakening: Beyond the Mind in Los Angeles where she will lead you on a transformational journey of Awakening for 4 days, live, and in person. In addition, Sri Krishnaji will be joining the journey online for Q & A and to give Deeksha.

September 20-23

Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village CA

Standard rate: $3,495    Early Bird rate: $2,000 

Bundle of 3: $3,600



Conscious Living Tour

Plan a getaway to join in this powerful 3-hour workshop with Sri Preethaji in November. Designed to master the art of becoming a conscious observer in everyday situations and to shape your inner state to reach your highest potential, Conscious Living is key to  happier relationships, greater self-efficacy, and increased quality of life. Seize this rare opportunity to receive the gifts of Conscious Living

  • Toronto – Nov 5
  • New York – Nov 6
  • New Hampshire – Nov 7
  • Miami – Nov 15
  • Jupiter – Nov 16
  • Orlando – Nov 17

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Journeys In India

Ekam Tapas

Ekam Tapas

The Tapas journey is a 42-day immersion at Ekam, designed for seekers of awakening and enlightenment. At Ekam Tapas, you take an intensive, inner dive deep into the process of self-realization and God-realization, ultimately unveiling the light within you and the Oneness of all.  Apply for the Ekam Tapas and plan your travel to India.

  • October 7 – October 20 Tapas 5-6
  • January 20 – February 16  Tapas 1-4
  • January 20 – February 2  Tapas 1-2
  • February 3 – February 16 Tapas 3-4
  • July 9  – August 5 Tapas 1-4
  • July 9 – July 22 Tapas 1-2
  • July 23 – August 5 Tapas 3-4

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USA & Canada Events

Oneness Meditation Centers

Opening across the USA and Canada, OM Centers are a place to gather, to connect, and to grow together in the spirit of Enlightenment and Oneness. Designed by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, OM Centers offer an inspiring menu of Ekam programs and practices.

  • Soul Sync Meditation
  • Serene Mind Practice
  • Ekam Prayer
  • Ekam Health Practice
  • Ekam Yoga
  • Ekam Chanting
  • Ekam Deeksha
  • Ekam Wisdom Videos

 OM Centers


Ekam Courses in USA-Canada

Throughout the USA and Canada our Elam Trainers and Mitras offer powerful courses and experiences in their communities.

September’s offerings include: Power of The Beautiful State, 2-day course for living in calm connection; Stress Detox, 2-day course for dissolving stress from consciousness; and Ekam Circle, sacred series of sessions tapping into the power of Universal Intelligence.

Check out the USA-Canada Events calendar for up-to-date course listings.

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Mitra Events

Special Offerings

Enlightened Living Calls

Join this series of weekly calls and journey toward Enlightened Living!

These 1-hour calls led by Ekam Faculty will focus on Sri Preethaji’s and Sri Krishnaji’s recent teachings on Times Now exploring the power of spiritual awakening to bring inner peace, a quiet mind, and true oneness into your life. Whether you are just starting out or have been meditating for a while, everyone will benefit from attending!

Every Sunday

5:00 pm PT  6:00 pm MT  7:00 pm CT  8:00 pm ET

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Passcode: 123456


Experience Ekam Svasthi, Oneness Yoga, and Soul Sync live from Ekam for one hour every evening.

Ekam Svasthi is a blessing for good fortune. Oneness Yoga clears away blocks to peace and calm. Soul Sync is a guided meditation to fulfill heartfelt intentions. 

Live From Ekam

5:30 pm PT  6:30 pm MT  7:30 pm CT  8:30 pm ET

Blessing   Prayer

Ekam Svasthi

Rituals at Ekam


Mahaganapathy Homa

On Vinayaka Chaturthy, the birthday of Elephant headed God Ganesha, a special Mahaganapathy Homa will be held at Ekam. This homa offers: a prayer for removing physical, psychological and spiritual obstacles; a prayer for flowering of intelligence for students; blessings for new beginnings, be it for business, career, or studies; removal of negative energies; blessings from Ganesha for fulfillment of desires; and a special Hiranya Garbha Darshan.

Monday September 18

6:00 pm PT  7:00 pm MT  8:00 pm CT  9:00 pm ET

Individual: $200   Family: $600

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Navadurga Pooja

Navadurga Pooja is a celebration of Goddess Durga, the Goddess of Victory, at Ekam. The nine blessings of Durga Devi are given to overcome life challenges and to achieve success. Specifically the blessings of: devotion to the purpose and vision; discipline; ability for multi-tasking and mental tranquility; light of knowledge to dispel darkness; protection against enmity; gaining every opportunity; decision-making ability; liberation from karma; and fulfillment of wishes.

Sunday September 24

5:30 am PT  6:30 am MT  7:30 am CT  8:30 am ET

Individual: $120    Family: $350

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