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Give the Gift of Ekam

Ekam Journey Gift Giving Specials

Give the Gift of Inner Peace, Compassion & Joy this Holiday Season

Throughout the year, Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji, co-founders of Ekam, World Center for Enlightenment, offer powerful journeys with wisdom teachings, mystic processes, and transformational meditation practices. This holiday season, they have made it possible for you to gift these Ekam Journeys to those you love.

May the brightness and sparkles of the holiday season enlighten our hearts and homes, spreading joy and harmony throughout the world all year long.

Give the gift of Ekam to those you love, a gift that heals hearts, inspires love and compassion, and sparks an inner journey for enlightenment.

Gift Giving Specials

Gift of Ekam

Founder Events

Krishna & Preetha

Manifest Beginning Energy & Miracles

The Manifest Series continues in December with a profound mystic process with Sri Preethaji and powerful Deeksha with Sri Krishnaji.  Join this extraordinary 3.5 hour insightful journey to manifest a beautiful flow of time, great beginning energies, and miracles in every aspect of your life for the New Year!

Sunday December 11

9:00 AM PT 10:00 AM MT 11:00 AM CT 12:00 PM ET

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Or join Manifest Membership and journey with Preethaji for a year at half the cost!

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Field of Awakening

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to experience Sri Preethaji live! Field of Awakening is coming to Dania Beach Florida. During this 4-day spiritual journey, Sri Preethaji takes you into sacred spaces in consciousness, so that you experience enlightenment. Go beyond the confines of the mind to a realm of freedom.

March 2-5, 2023

Cost: $2,495


Field of Awakening

USA-Canada Mitra Events

Ekam Siddhi

Ekam Siddhi

Upon completion of their 28-day Tapas journey, participants were bestowed with the sacred gift of sharing Ekam Siddhi for the next 28 days. Tapas is a precise ecosystem meticulously created by the Ekam founders, Preethaji and Krishnaji, to establish participants in a non-suffering state of equilibrium, which is the foundational state for living an enlightened life. 

Ekam Siddhi is a powerful, spiritual gift that allows the recipient to experience an enlightenment state of being, transmitted from the state of the Ekam Siddhi giver.

It is a rare and special privilege to offer and experience this gift in the USA and Canada communities.

Siddhi Events

Ekam Mitra Support

Ekam Mitras are specially trained by Ekam faculty to offer a variety of events online and in communities to support your enlightenment journey.

Events include: Power of The Beautiful State, 2-day workshop for living in calm connection; Stress Detox, 1-day workshop for dissolving stress from consciousness; Ekam Circle, sacred sessions tapping into the power of Universal Intelligence; and Ekam Siddhi, an experience of enlightenment gifted by Tapas participants.

Events Calendar

Mitra Events

Journeys in India

Ekam Tapas

Ekam Tapas

Tapas is a very sacred Sanskrit term that denotes a process of kindling inner radiance and stoking the mystic fire in consciousness. Ekam Tapas is an intensive series of processes held in the sanctum of Ekam and the hills and forests surrounding Ekam. This journey burns lifetimes of karma and ignorance.

Apply for the Ekam Tapas and plan your travel to India.

  • January 23 – February 19  Tapas 1-4 in four week session
  • January 23 – February 5  Tapas 1-2 in two week session
  • February 6 – February 19 Tapas 3-4 in two week session

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Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Journey with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji in the sanctum of Ekam and be transported into enlightened states of consciousness. When you experience powerful enlightened states they become impressions on your brain, your nervous system, and become your compass for navigating life.

  • March 1-7, 2023

Registration fees for the Ekam Enlightenment Festival are based on accommodation choices. Meals and transportation to and from your campus and Ekam are included. Register now and plan your travel to India.


Enlightenment Festival

Special Offerings

Ekam Seeker

Become an Ekam Seeker

Awaken the world to Oneness! You are invited to become part of a massive movement to help impact the evolution of humanity!

An Ekam Seeker is one who desires to live free of suffering. Anyone with that yearning, and the desire to help others move out of suffering is welcome to enroll. Your enrollment is free of charge and includes:

  • Meditation & wisdom calls with Ekam Dasas
  • Supportive, interactive calls with Ekam Seeker Group
  • Periodic interaction with Ekam Dasas

Enroll Now

Ekam Svasthi – Blessings from Ekam

Receive blessings for your heartfelt intentions live from Ekam.

Participation: seeking blessings for financial situation hold a coin; seeking blessings for health, bring a glass of water; seeking any other blessings, be it for relationship, clearing obstacles or success, hold a sacred thread.

Every Evening

4:30 PM PT  5:30 PM MT  6:30 PM CT  7:30 PM ET

Join Ekam Svasthi

Ekam Svasthi

Homas & Pujas


Ekam Maha Durga Homa

We are happy to announce the upcoming Maha Durga Homa happening from EkamMaha Durga is a powerful incarnation of Goddess Shakti and is considered to be the dispeller of all negative energies. We will conclude with a special prayer for physical healing and success.

Saturday December 3

5:00 PM PT  6:00 PM MT   7:00 PM CT  8:00 PM ET

Individual: $200 Family of 4: $600