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Manifest Flow

This May the Manifest Series 2022 continues with Sri Preethaji leading Manifest Purification – Manifest Flow.  In this powerful 3.5-hour Manifest, Sri Preethaji will lead you on a sacred, insightful journey for your life to move into a beautiful state of Flow.

Sunday May 8

9:00 AM PDT  10:00 AM MDT  11:00 AM CDT  12:00 PM EDT

Event tickets cost $49 USA and $67 Canada.

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Limitless Field Meditation

Limitless Field Meditation

In the May Limitless Field Meditation, Krishnaji and Preethaji will generate a Divine matrix which becomes a medium for seekers to experience transcendental and enlightened states of consciousness.

Saturday May 14

9:30 PM PDT  10:30 PM MDT  11:30 PM CDT  12:30 AM EDT

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Sunday May 15

9:30 AM PDT  10:30 AM MDT  11:30 AM CDT  12:30 PM EDT

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Upcoming Journeys

Field of Awakening

In this four-day spiritual journey with Sri Preethaji, you move beyond the confines of the mind to a realm of freedom. Whether it is answers or clarity you seek, whether it is peace or inner strength you seek – the Field of Awakening is the spiritual experience created for you. 

June 23 -26 Los Angles CA 

Four Seasons Hotel 2 Dole Drive Westlake Village CA 91362

Ticket Specials:  Early Bird $2,995  Bundle of 5 $2,500 per person  

Following FOA, you will have interactive mentoring for 28 days with EKAM faculty to deepen and embed your awakened state.

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Field of Awakening

Ekam Tapas in India

The Ekam Tapas journey in India is for Deeksha Givers, Ekam Meditators and Ekam Mitras who have given Deeksha as part of service for the enlightenment of humanity.

June 24 July 21  Tapas 1-4 in four week session

June 24 July 7    Tapas 1-2 in two week session

July 8 July 21   Tapas 3-4 in two week session

Apply for summer session now.

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Special Offerings

Become A Jeevan Muktha

To awaken the world to Oneness!
Seekers become part of 74,000 beings living with an enlightened consciousness, to fulfill the sacred mission of Sri Amma-Sri Bhagavan and the single vision of Sri Preethaji-Sri Krishna: to bring about a phase transition to end human suffering.

Your Jeevan Muktha enrollment is free and has wonderful benefits:

  • Seekers Calls with Ekam Faculty
  • Access to Ekam Wisdom Videos
  • Personal Prayer Request
  • Personal Interaction Ekam Faculty
  • Personal Ekam ID for Registration

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Ekam Prasadam

Ekam Prasadam

There are now two ways to join Ekam Prasadam – Gracious Gifts. First, Prasadam comes with the Manifest Membership. Second, you may register for Ekam Prasadam for a one-month or yearly subscription. Each month includes:

  • Ekam Ceremony: align to the sacred
  • Ekam Yoga Practice: consciousness movement
  • Ekam Chanting: ancient healing reverberation
  • Ekam Prayer: fulfill heart desire
  • Ekam Deeksha: divine flow into consciousness

Every Saturday

8:30 AM PDT  9:30 AM MDT  10:30 AM CDT  11:30 AM EDT

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Ekam Faculty Calls

Community Call

Ekam is offering a free weekly meetings for our USA and Canada community to support consciousness transformation. These calls include meditations with Ekam faculty, inspiring wisdom, and short processes for deepening your understanding and nurturing your spiritual growth. These calls welcome new seekers.

Weekly on Wednesday

5:00 PM PDT  6:00 PM MDT  7:00 PM CDT  8:00 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting ID: 885 2892 2342  Passcode: 123456

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Courses in India


Youth Changemaker Call

All youth from USA and Canada ages 12-35 are invited to these inspiration weekly calls with the Ekam faculty.

Weekly on Monday

5:00 PM PDT  6:00 PM MDT  7:00 PM CDT  8:00 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting ID: 823 2985 0597. Passcode: 123456

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