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Manifest Achievement

The Manifest Series 2022 continues in September with Sri Preethaji leading Manifest Karmic Cleansing – Manifest Achievement. This 3.5 hour insightful journey will cleanse your karma and open your consciousness to achievement from a beautiful state!

Sunday September 11

9:00 AM PDT 10:00 AM MDT 11:00 AM CDT 12:00 PM EDT

Event tickets cost $49 USA and $67 Canada.

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Ekam World Peace Festival

To contribute to peace for all living beings is our greatest dharma as human beings. For a long time, humanity has been part of the problem. It is time we become part of the solution.

September 4-17

Join the Ekam Peacemakers group. Do the Peace Soul Sync daily holding an intention for individual and world peace. Meditate with Ekam Peace Ambassadors for Peace among Nations, Peace for Young People, Peace for Mother Earth. Become an Ekam Peace Ambassador and help bring the message and spirit of Peace to the World! 

September 18

5:30 AM PDT 6:30 AM MDT 7:30 AM CDT 8:30 AM EDT

Join the Ekam World Peace Day live broadcast for a powerful peace meditation with Preethaji and Krishnaji to impact the collective consciousness of humanity!

5 Awakenings

Five Awakenings

During Five Awakenings you to WAKE UP and REALIZE the TRUE POTENTIAL of your CONSCIOUSNESS! Take this powerful journey with Sri Preethaji and awaken to:

  • God Intelligence
  • Freedom Intelligence
  • Love Intelligence
  • Present Mind Intelligence
  • Consciousness Intelligence

September 23 – 25

See the Friday – Sunday schedule.

Cost: $1,000.


USA-Canada Mitra Events

Ekam Mitra Support

Mitra in Sanskrit means friend. Ekam Mitras are specially trained by Ekam faculty to offer a variety of events online and in communities to support your spiritual growth and enlightenment journey.

Offerings this month include Ekam Circles, sacred sessions tapping into the power of Universal Intelligence; Morning Practice, meditation experiences anchoring higher consciousness; Evening Meditation, short guided meditation sessions; Deeksha, a sacred transfer of grace, Peace Launch and Peace Meditation, Ekam World Peace Festival community events.

You are welcome to participate in any of the events offered by Mitras throughout the USA and Canada.

Events Calendar

Mitra Events

Upcoming Journeys in India


Ekam Tapas

Tapas is a very sacred Sanskrit term that denotes a process of kindling inner radiance and stoking the mystic fire in consciousness. Ekam Tapas is an intensive series of processes held in the sanctum of Ekam and the hills and forests surrounding Ekam. This journey burns lifetimes of karma and ignorance. Apply for the fall Ekam Tapas and plan your travel to India.

  • Oct 27 – Nov 23  Tapas 1-4
  • Oct 27 – Nov 9  Tapas 1-2
  • Nov 10 – Nov 23  Tapas 3-4

Apply Now

Ekam Enlightenment Festival

Journey with Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji in the sanctum of Ekam and be transported into enlightened states of consciousness. When you experience powerful enlightened states they become impressions on your brain, your nervous system, and become your compass for navigating life.

December 6-12

Registration fees for the Ekam Enlightenment Festival are based on accommodation choices. Fees range from $3,850 to $8,800. Meals and transportation to and from your campus and Ekam are included. Register now and plan your travel to India.


Enlightenment Festival

Ekam Community

Ekam Svasthi

Ekam Svasthi – Blessings from Ekam

Receive blessings for your heartfelt intentions live from Ekam.

Participation: seeking blessings for financial situation hold a coin; seeking blessings for health, bring a glass of water; seeking any other blessings, be it for relationship, clearing obstacles or success, hold a sacred thread.

Every Evening

5:30 PM PDT  6:30 PM MDT  7:30 PM CDT  8:30 PM EDT

Join Ekam Svasthi

Community Call

Ekam offers weekly meetings for our USA and Canada community to support consciousness transformation. These calls include meditations with Ekam faculty, inspiring wisdom, and short processes for deepening your understanding and nurturing your spiritual growth. We welcome new seekers.

Weekly on Wednesday

5:00 PM PDT 6:00 PM MDT 7:00 PM CDT 8:00 PM EDT

Zoom Meeting ID: 885 2892 2342  Passcode: 123456

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Community Call

Special Offerings

Become A Jeevan Muktha

To awaken the world to Oneness!
Seekers become part of 74,000 beings living with an enlightened consciousness, to fulfill the sacred mission of Sri Amma-Sri Bhagavan and the single vision of Sri Preethaji-Sri Krishna: to bring about a phase transition to end human suffering.

Your Jeevan Muktha enrollment is free and has wonderful benefits:

  • Seekers Calls with Ekam Faculty
  • Access to Ekam Wisdom Videos
  • Personal Prayer Request
  • Personal Interaction Ekam Faculty
  • Personal Ekam ID for Registration

Enroll Now

Homas & Poojas

Maha Mrtyunjaya Homa

We invite you to participate in the Maha Mrtyunijaya Homa for Divine protection from diseases and doshas.

Broadcast live from India, the Homa intent is for healing life-threatening diseases, to prevent premature death, to heal the doshas (defects) that threaten one’s life. A special prayer will be done for a Divine shield for oneself and for one’s family members.

Saturday September 3

6:00 PM PDT  7:00 PM MDT  8:00 PM CDT  9:00 PM EDT

Individual: $200  Family of 4: $600

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