Ekam Founders
Preethaji-Krishnaji Events

Ekam offers courses taught by Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji in India, in the USA and Canada, and virtually. Steeped in ancient wisdom principles and profound mystic processes and meditations, these offerings set into motion a gentle neurobiological shift in the brain that frees one to experience life and the world in a beautiful state.

Virtual Experiences

Manifest is a mystic process led by Sri Preethaji. You expand beyond your everyday mind into the field of universal consciousness to manifest a choice destiny.

5 Awakenings is a mystic journey led by Sri Preethaji. You experience 5 different awakenings in consciousness that give you the taste of the immortal states of bliss and oneness.

Limitless Field

Preethaji FOA

In USA & Canada

Field of Awakening is a 4-day immersion course taught by Preethaji designed to transform five pivotal areas of your life: achievement, partnership, parenting, wealth creation, and leadership.

In India

Ekam Tapas is a group of liberation courses held in the sanctum of Ekam and in the womb of nature amidst the hills and forests of Ekam. The processes and practices burn lifetimes of karma and ignorance.


Courses in India