5 Awakenings to Unlock Human Potential

The 5 Awakenings to Unlock Human Potential is a virtual live mystic journey led by Sri Preethaji from Ekam – The Oneness Field. Designed to unlock your consciousness potential, you will experience the taste of the immortal states of bliss and oneness. To be human is to be present to the whole experience of life.


Human Potential

Our human potential is beyond our imagination. Once awakened, you cannot become unconscious of your capabilities. Come and unlock your hidden potential that rests in your consciousness.

  • YOUR MIND HAS THE POTENTIAL: to break through the matrix of illusionary anxiety and come to the present.
  • YOUR HEART HAS THE POTENTIAL: for enduring love, that can awaken love in another.
  • YOUR CREATIVITY HAS THE POTENTIAL: to vibrate at a frequency where you can convert crisis into opportunities.
  • YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS HAS THE POWER: to have a direct personal experience with God consciousness.

5 Awakenings Schedule

This course is divided into 5 sessions. In each session, you will experience a new awakening in a 3.5 hour session. 

  • March 13 : Awaken to Body Intelligence  (starts one hour earlier than time below)
  • March 14: Awaken to Heart Intelligence
  • March 15: Awaken to Flow Intelligence
  • March 16: Awaken to Cosmic Intelligence
  • March 17: Awaken to Transcendental Intelligence

It is time to be present to the whole experience of life; to experience a live wire connection with the greater intelligence; to drink from the well of causeless love, unperturbed peace and the flow of life.

It is time to experience a state of consciousness beyond fear and division, to freedom and causeless love.

It is time for you, your family and loved ones to AWAKEN now!


4:30 – 8:00 PM Pacific  5:30 – 9:00 PM Mountain  6:30 – 10:00 PM Central  7:30 – 11:00 PM Eastern


The course fee for the 5 Awakenings in $999.

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Are you sleepwalking through life? Most of us are not awake to life at all. We are lost in our day dreams, in our anxieties, in our longings and in our loneliness. And we assume this to be normal.