Field of Abundance


Field of Abundance is a powerful 4-day consciousness upgrade taught by Ekam co-founder, Sri Preethaji. This immersion course is designed to transform five pivotal areas of your life through new and revolutionary insights.

  • Achievement: shift from obsessive doing to joyful being
  • Partnership: discover what love is and create enduring relationships
  • Parenting: become a transformed parent, nurturing your children to build beautiful destinies
  • Wealth Creation: dissolve obstacles to create great abundance in your life
  • Leadership: become an extraordinary leader by moving into a state of connection where intelligence and abundance flourishes

Join us to experience calm, connected and creative states of consciousness as a personal and lasting experience.


PreethajiSri Preethaji, is a philosopher and a modern day sage. She is a transformational leader, co-founder of Ekam and co-author of The Four Sacred Secrets. Preethaji is an international speaker at conferences such as TEDx, the Equinox Symposium in LA and Fudan University in China. She mentors numerous leaders like success coach Tony Robbins, musician Usher Raymond, and business leaders like Mike Novogratz and Ari Emanuel .

During the Field Of Abundance, Preethaji offers you the ultimate power – the power of an expanded state of consciousness – through wisdom, deep insights and The Limitless Field meditation. Preethaji’s wisdom is a perfect convergence of two worlds: the worldly and the spiritual; and, the scientific and transcendental. 

Join Us

Field of Abundance scheduled in the USA and Canada are listed below.

Sun Valley Idaho – September 17 – 20, 2021  Registration and hotel information not yet available.