Manifest Series


Inner evolution is not a one-time effort or a single step journey. It is a spiritual process that is ongoing and ever evolving. The Manifest Series is designed to nurture and support you on that inner journey.

About Manifest

Manifest is a great purification, where you spontaneously process the unconscious mind. After purification you are led beyond the unconscious to the field of universal intelligence. As you immerse in the field of universal intelligence, you enter the sacred miracle plane of existence. Here space, time, energy, matter and consciousness all flow interchangeably as one mystic field. This plane of existence is a field of possibilities. As Sri Preethaji leads you into the mystic dimension of the processes, your aspirations cross the threshold of possibilities and manifest into realities.

Manifest Series 2021

Each month you have a powerful, transformative experience to look forward to, as Sri Preethaji awakens you to a new gift in your Consciousness.

January 24 Health Manifest

Health Manifest unlocks doors in your consciousness to manifest greater immunity, vitality and health in your body, especially necessary in moments of global health crisis. You will unlearn the unconscious habits that perpetuate ill health and steal your vitality. You will learn ancient practices that baffle modern science today to restore your body to health. In the mystic process and limitless field meditation, the immunity building subtle energy is activated in your body.

February 28 Soulmate Manifest

Soulmate Manifest helps couples to transform into soulmates for each other. For those who are yet searching for a soulmate it draws them to you, no matter where they are in the world. Your heart awakens to romance, bonding, appreciation and wise love. In the mystical process and the limitless field meditation, your neurochemistry is impacted for you to experience the love you seek to find in the other.

March 28 Intelligence Manifest

Intelligence Manifest opens your individual consciousness to the all pervasive field that pulsates with intelligence. This manifest dispels the myth that you are either born intelligent or unintelligent and that is who you will be for the rest of your life. It breaks open the narrow definition of intelligence and opens you up to three distinctive attributes of intelligence namely the capacity to hold sustained attention, to move into emotional equilibrium and the potential to intuit in moments of confusion and chaos. In the mystic process and limitless field meditation, your six subtle bodies are attuned to draw from the universal field of intelligence.

April 25 Flow Manifest

Flow Manifest opens you to the experience of an unobstructed flow of life regardless of the complexity of your life situations. In this manifest, Sri Preethaji’s wisdom eases your inner resistance and friction. In the mystic process and the limitless field meditation, you flow into a state where you can set aside your ego self and open up to effortless momentum in life.

May 23 Wealth Manifest

Wealth Manifest opens the doors in your consciousness to manifest greater financial abundance in these moments of economic turbulence and darkness. You will recognize and break the karmic cycle that has been holding you back and has been creating obstacles for you. During the mystic process and the limitless field meditation, you connect to the greater intelligence of the universe to manifest wealth that is beneficial to you and others.

June 20 Love Manifest

Love Manifest is a magnificent family experience for togetherness and connection. Sri Preethaji will lead you into an awareness of three mystic phenomena that unfold in families and create unique relationship dynamics. You see each other with respect, without emotional hurt and disappointment. During the limitless field meditation your heart comes alive with forgiveness and compassion for each other.

July 11 Courage Manifest

Courage Manifest offers you keys to dissolve anxiety that is a genetic habit from your parents, anxiety that is a trait flowing from earlier lifetimes, and anxiety that is consuming you because of your current life circumstances. In the mystic process and the limitless field meditation, you are led into a state of calm courage, a state of equanimity amidst battles. You are awakened to a courage that is born from the heart, one that has the power to dissolve obstacles.

August 8 Divine Protection Manifest

Divine Protection Manifest unlocks the doors of your consciousness to the positive energies of the universe. Much dark energy is being generated in the collective human consciousness at this time. Sorrow, fear and anxiety keeps coming and flows into every human being as problems and as chaos. Many of us have withdrawn from life. We’re on guard. We’re not looking forward to life. When you connect to the Universal Intelligence and experience the protector dimension, you are shielded from the influence of these negative energies that are creating problems, threats, and chaos.

September 12 Achievement Manifest

Achievement Manifest unlocks the doors of your consciousness not to one-time achievement in life but to a state of being where you can manifest enduring achievements. During the process you are lead beyond a selfish, tribal consciousness to a playful consciousness inclusive consciousness. In the limitless field meditation, you are led into a space where thinking and stillness alternate. From this inner emptiness, you manifest achievement from the all pervasive field of universal intelligence.

October 10 Vision Manifest

Vision Manifest open your mind’s eye to unimaginable clarity about the direction you need to give to your life. Your mental energies get focused. To have a clear vision guiding you is like having a great light showing you the way ahead in darkness, in times of crisis and also in good times. Your mental lethargy and confusion crack open and you discover a vision that emerges from your true nature. When your energy body is illuminated with radiant mystic light energies, the universal intelligence shows you the way to your vision. In the mystic process and the limitless field meditation, you receive the blessings to manifest your vision into a reality.

November 14 Generational Healing Manifest

Generational Healing of unconscious wounds is essential to awaken the healing powers of the Universe that allow us to mentor a new generation. In this journey you will discover there is a continuity of experiences that flows from one generation to another; this continuity is happening in your physical body, your energy body and your mind body; and realize the compassionate healing force of the universe to heal your children, your grandchildren, all your relations and those you mentor for many generations. By healing these generational wounds, you become an awakened mentor and parent capable of inspiring others to become joyful, loving human beings for future generations.

December 12 Manifest Beginning Energy-Manifest Miracles

New Year Manifest will happen from Ekam and Sri Preethaji and Sri Krishnaji will lead you through this mystic process. When you begin a new year, a new project, a new relationship,the state of being with which you begin it becomes absolutely significant. Because that beginning scoops up the energies surrounding it and gives that which you have begun a direction and a momentum. f the energy scooped up is positive, the momentum will be great. The direction will be great. If the energy scooped up is negative, you will come upon obstacles and problems all. And the direction will be defective. If the energy scooped is Divine, then miracles and synchronicities will come to support you all the way. The New Year Manifest will culminate with powerful Deeksha from Sri Krishnaji.


8:30 AM – Noon Pacific     9:30 AM – 1:00 PM Mountain     10:30 AM – 2:00 PM Central     11:30 AM – 3:00 PM Eastern


There are various options for registering to participate in the Manifest Series. You may register for each monthly session or register for a series of sessions via Manifest Membership.

Monthly Session Registration

Register for one 3-hour Manifest for $49 US and $67 CAD.

Or register for the premium plan for $99 US and $135 CAD. Premium includes the 3-hour session plus two 90-minute immersion processes scheduled during the week after the monthly session. Led by Ekam faculty, these immersion processes are designed to help integrate your experiences from the initial mystic processes.

Monthly registration links will be posted here at the first of each month. Login details for each Manifest will be sent to your registration email.

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Manifest Membership Registration

You may choose either a 6 or 12 month memberships, of either the standard or premium plan. The premium plan includes two 90-minute follow-up process with Ekam faculty following each Manifest.

You can become a part of the Manifest Membership at any time. Your membership term commences from the first Manifest process following your membership purchase date.

Register for the 6 month membership for $300 US and $402 CAD or 12 month membership for $600 US and $804 CAD.

Register for 6 month premium membership for $600 US and $810 CAD or 12 month premium membership for $1,200 US and $1620 CAD.

In addition to the monthly Manifest, all members will also have access to:

  • Ekam Ceremony: aligning your conscious and unconscious mind with the sacred.
  • Ekam Yoga Practice: integrating movement, breathe and consciousness as one flow.
  • Ekam Chants: immersing in ancient healing reverberations.
  • Ekam Prayer: communicating with universal intelligence for fulfilling hearts desires.
  • Ekam Deeksha: experiencing the power of universal intelligence flow into collective consciousness.

Login details for each Manifest, as well as details for additional membership benefits, will be sent to your registration email.

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