New Manifest Series

Monthly Chakra Journey

A Mystic Process with Sri Preethaji

Enter the mystic realm of the 12 chakras with Sri Preethaji in this all-new Manifest journey!

Every month, Sri Preethaji will beautifully guide you through a mystic process to awaken and harmonize your chakras, shifting your consciousness to a new reality, awakening the potential for profound transformation, and creating a magnificent vibrational frequency of abundance all around you!


What to Expect

Every 3-hour Manifest session is a step towards profound personal and spiritual growth. Here’s what you can expect in this enlightening experience:

Chakra Focus

Learn about the mysteries and significance of the chakras, how they impact your life, and engage in practices to cleanse, balance, and activate these energy centers.

Powerful Teachings and Meditations

Receive a blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary practices that are both profound and applicable to modern life.

Mystic Processes for Deep Transformation

Experience a unique mystic process that facilitates deep spiritual and emotional healing.

Deeksha – Oneness Blessing

Receive a powerful blessing to accelerate spiritual growth and bring about a profound sense of peace and oneness with all.

Community and Connection

Join a global community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path of discovery and transformation.

Personal Growth and Empowerment

Enjoy personal growth, self-discovery, and awakening of your consciousness.

Sri Preethaji is an enlightened sage. Being in her presence and receiving her spiritual wisdom will not only help you create a meaningful and fulfilling life, but also help end suffering in yourself and the world.

Manifest Membership

Register now and experience the incredible power and presence of universal intelligence in your life!

Regular Manifest Membership

  • 12 months of Manifest with Sri Preethaji
  • Special Weekly Manifest Meditation*

Premium Manifest Membership

  • 12 months of the Manifest Mystic Process with Sri Preethaji
  • Manifest Meditation weekly with Oneness dasas (teachers)*
  • Two 90-minute follow-up sessions each month with Oneness dasas (teachers)
  • Two exclusive interactions with Sri Krishnaji

*Manifest Meditation is designed to deepen the awakenings in your consciousness and deepen your connection with the divine.


Register now and experience the incredible power and presence of the universal intelligence in your life.

Manifest Membership Registration

Register for the Regular Manifest Membership for $600 US and $826 CAD.

Register for Premium Manifest Membership for $1,200 US and $1655 CAD.

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Manifest Monthly Registration

Register for one 3-hour Manifest for $100 US and $137 CAD.

Register for Premium option for $150 US and $205 CAD which provides the Manifest with two 90-minute follow-up sessions with Dasas designed to deepen the wisdom and processes received during the Manifest.

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Manifest Schedule

Each month you have a powerful, transformative experience to look forward to, as Sri Preethaji awakens you to a new gift in consciousness. Manifest occurs the second Sunday each month.


9:00 am PT  10:00 am MT  11:00 am CT  12:00 pm ET


January 14 – Manifest Root Chakra Energy Muladhara
Nestled at the base of the spine, the Muladhara chakra is intertwined with the coccygeal or perineal nerve plexus.

February 11 – Manifest Sacral Chakra Energy Swadhishthana
Positioned in the lower abdomen and pelvic realm, the Swadhishthana chakra aligns with the sacral nerve plexus.

March 10 – Manifest Navel Chakra Energy Manipura
Located around the navel, the Manipura chakra is connected to the celiac plexus, the nerve network of the abdominal domain.

April 14 – Manifest Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Surya
Located right above the navel and the Manipura chakra, the Surya chakra is associated with the pancreatic glands that play a major role in digestion and maintaining the vitality of the body. The Surya chakra draws the brilliance and power of the sun into your energy body.

May 12 – Manifest Heart Chakra Energy Anahata
Resonating at the center of the chest, the Anahata chakra is tied to the cardiac plexus that envelopes the heart.

June 9 – Manifest Clavicular Chakra Energy Abhaya
Located just behind the sternum between your lungs, the Abhaya chakra resonates at the point where the collarbones meet the upper sternum. This minor chakra vibrates at the top of the sternum and is tied to the thymus gland that plays a major role in maintaining immunity.

July 14 – Manifest Throat Chakra Energy Vishuddhi
Situated in the throat area, the energies of the Vishuddhi chakra are linked to the pharyngeal plexus.

August 11 – Manifest Third Eye Chakra Energy Ajna
Positioned between the eyebrows, the essence of the Ajna chakra is bound to the higher spiritual faculties of the pineal gland.

September 8 – Manifest Frontal Lobes Chakra Energy Lalaata
Located at the middle of your forehead right in front of the frontal lobe, the Lalaata chakra resonates and activates the frontal lobes of your brain. Activation of this chakra leads to clarity in thinking, powerful decision making and the ability to focus.

October 13 – Manifest Temporal Lobes Chakra Energy Kapola
Located at the temples, the Kapola chakras are associated with the temporal lobes of your brain. These minor chakras are responsible for greater intuition and spiritual insights in you.

November 10 – Manifest Occipital Lobes Chakra Energy Bindu
Located at the back of your head, the Bindu chakra resonates with the occipital lobes of your brain. Activation of this chakra results in enhanced mystical and transcendental experiences in you.

December 8 – Manifest Crown Chakra Energy Sahasrara
Perched at the top of the head, the Sahasrara chakra impacts the parietal lobes and communicates with the entirety of the central nervous system. Sahasrara activation leads you into enlightened states of consciousness, oneness consciousness.