Manifest Series

12-Month Spiritual Journey

A Mystic Process with Sri Preethaji

Each month of this spiritual journey, Sri Preethaji gently and beautifully guides you through a Mystic Process to purify your unconscious mind, and then lead you into the field of Universal Intelligence where you will experience 12 different states of consciousness that awaken the potential for profound transformation and signal the Universe to manifest your heartfelt intentions, giving you new joy in living! Through the sacred dimensions of each Manifest, your aspirations cross the threshold of possibilities and manifest into realities.

Manifest Membership

Join Manifest Membership and wake up to the extraordinary power of consciousness to take your life to its next stage of growth, beauty, and fulfillment!

Regular Manifest Membership

  • 12 months of Manifest with Sri Preethaji
  • Manifest Meditation weekly with Ekam Dasas*

Premium Manifest Membership

  • 12 months of the Manifest Mystic Process with Sri Preethaji
  • Manifest Meditation weekly with Ekam Dasas*
  • Two 90-minute follow-up sessions each month with Ekam Dasas
  • Two exclusive interactions with Sri Krishnaji

*Manifest Meditation is designed to deepen the Awakenings in your Consciousness and deepen your Connection with the Divine


Register now and experience the incredible power and presence of the universal intelligence in your life.

Manifest Membership Registration

Register for the Regular Manifest Membership for $600 US and $826 CAD.

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Manifest Monthly Registration

Register for one 3.5-hour Manifest for $100 US and $137 CAD.

Register for Premium option for $150 US and $205 CAD which provides the Manifest with two 90-minute follow-up sessions with Dasas designed to deepen the wisdom and processes received during the Manifest.

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Manifest Schedule

Each month you have a powerful, transformative experience to look forward to, as Sri Preethaji awakens you to a new gift in consciousness. Manifest occurs the second Sunday each month.


9:00 am PT  10:00 am MT  11:00 am CT  12:00 pm ET


January 8: Manifest Yogic Vitality–Manifest Health
In this Manifest, you are liberated from debilitating energies that cause disease to the body. And you will Manifest Yogic Vitality that will lead you to great health, vigor, longevity and immunity!

February 12: Manifest Anahatha Flowering–Manifest Soulmate
In this Manifest, you experience a mystic awakening of the heart that leads you to draw the right life partner into your life. You will Awaken the Anahata Chakra, or Heart Chakra, which leads you into the profound and magical experience of love. And you will Awaken to the 4 dimensions of connection that Keep Love Alive in your partner relationship!

March 12: Manifest Prajna Kshetra Activation–Manifest Intelligence
In this Manifest, you Awaken to 3 forms of Intelligence–Creative Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Heart Intelligence. The 3 Intelligence Centers in your energy body, or the 3 Prajna Kshetras, will be activated so that you can address your life’s challenges without stress and Awaken to your Higher Potential!

April 9: Manifest Universal Intelligence–Manifest Divine Protection
In this Manifest, you access the dimension of Universal Intelligence as the Divine Protector. You will discover who the Divine is through a direct, personal experience, and Awaken to the celebrated experience of God Consciousness!

May 14: Manifest Purification Of 3 Dimensions–Manifest Flow
In this Manifest, your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Dimensions are Purified. You will be cleared of frictional energies that are causing obstacles in life and dissolve past-life vasanas that are creating karmic obstacles. Purify your consciousness and Flow with Life!

June 11: Manifest Mystic Abundance–Manifest Wealth
In this Manifest, you break through the negative cycles around wealth and create Abundance. You will Open Doors in your Consciousness to manifest greater financial abundance. Create wealth effortlessly by learning the secrets of Spiritual Wealth Creation!

July 9: Manifest Manomaya Kosha Healing–Manifest Family Harmony
In this Manifest, you learn the mystic principles that create Harmony in Family relationships. Your Manomaya Kosha, or your emotional body, will be cleansed and your Heart will Awaken with Love towards your near and dear ones!

August 13: Manifest Chakra Potential–Manifest Divine Experiences
In this Manifest, you experience the 7 different attributes of Universal Intelligence through cleansing your 7 chakras. You will Awaken to your Antharyamin, the Divine that resides in your own heart, and have Divine Experiences!

September 10: Manifest Karmic Cleansing–Manifest Achievement
In this Manifest, you unlock the path to Success and Achieve from a space of Inner Stillness. You will cleanse karmic residue that is flowing as failure patterns in your present life and Awaken 3 dimensions in your consciousness that will lead you to Greater Achievements in Life!

October 8: Manifest Good Karma–Manifest Purpose
In this Manifest, you will learn the secret ways of karma and come upon your unique role on this planet. You will harness the power of good karma, opening your life to incredible Synchronicity! Be filled with Inspiration and Courage to succeed in Manifesting your Purpose!

November 12: Manifest Generational Healing–Manifest Awakened Parenting
In this Manifest, you dissolve destructive traits flowing from earlier generations in your physical body and in your mind.  You will receive the Sacred Wisdom of nurturing and parenting a child – your own or another’s. Awaken to a Divine Healing Force in your consciousness to parent a new generation!

December 10: Manifest Beginning Energies–Manifest Miracles
In this Manifest, you turn the tides of time in your life from unfavorable and negative tides to favorable and positive tides. Experience the Great Beginning Energies that bring success and fulfillment in whatever you step into in the New Year! Witness Divine Intervention and Experience Great Miracles in every aspect of your life!

Each month of this spiritual journey, you will:

  • Open to the Divine power inherent in your being
  • Bring more peace and harmony into your life
  • Be able to live without fear of what may happen next, feeling protected by the Divine
  • Experience well-being in body, mind, and spirit
  • Live life with a sense of purpose and meaning
  • Feel a sense of sacred connection that permeates every moment of your life

Sri Preethaji is an enlightened sage. Being in her presence and receiving her spiritual wisdom will not only help you create a meaningful and fulfilling life, but also help end suffering in yourself and the world.