Manifest Series


Being on a spiritual journey is an unfolding, ever-evolving discovery process that requires consistent nurturing, support and commitment. It’s like growing a giant redwood tree from a small sapling. 

Manifest Series 2022

Each month you have a powerful, transformative experience to look forward to, as Sri Preethaji awakens you to a new gift in consciousness.

January 9 Manifest Health- Yogic Vitality

Become liberated from the debilitating energies that cause disease to the body & receive the gift of longevity and immunity, especially in these current times.

February 13 Manifest Soulmate

Awaken your heart to attract the right life partner into your life. Discover the profound and magical experience of love. Awaken to the dimensions of connection that keep love alive.

March 13 Manifest Intelligence

Awaken to Creative Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Heart Intelligence. Address your life’s challenges free of stress. Realize your higher potential.

April 10 Manifest Universal Intelligence

Access the dimension of Universal Intelligence as the divine protector. Discover who the divine is and awaken to the celebrated experience of God Consciousness.

May 8 Manifest Purification & Flow

Purify your physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions and clear frictional energies that cause obstacles. Dissolve negative past life vasanas, so you can flow with life.

June 12 Manifest Mystic Abundance & Wealth

Break through negative cycles around wealth and create abundance. Open doors in your consciousness to manifest wealth effortlessly, by learning the secrets of spiritual wealth creation. 

July 10 Manifest Family Harmony

Learn the mystic principles that create harmony in family relationships. Cleanse your manomaya kosha – emotional body and awaken your heart with love towards your near and dear ones.

August 14 Manifest Divine Connection

Experience the attributes of Universal Intelligence through your 7 chakras – energy points. You awaken to your antharyamin – indweller and experience a soul-communion with your personal divine.

September 11 Manifest Achievement

Unlock the path to success from a space of inner stillness. Awaken 3 dimensions in your consciousness for greater achievements in life. Clear failure patterns in your present life. 

October 9 Manifest Good Karma & Purpose

Learn the secret ways of karma and discover your unique role on this planet. Become filled with inspiration and courage to open up to incredible synchronicities and manifest your purpose.

November 13 Manifest Generational Healing

Dissolve generational destructive trait and receive sacred wisdom of nurturing and parenting. Awaken to a divine healing force in your consciousness to parent/nurture a new generation.

December 11 Manifest Beginning Energy-Manifest Miracles

Turn unfavorable, negative tides of time to your favor. Experience the great beginning energies that bring success and fulfillment in whatever you step into for the coming year. Witness divine intervention and experience great miracles in every aspect of your life.


9:00 AM – 12:30 Pacific     10:00 AM – 1:30 PM Mountain     11:00 AM – 2:30 PM Central     12:00 PM – 3:30 PM Eastern


There are various options for registering to participate in the Manifest series. You may register for a Monthly Session or register for the Manifest Annual Membership which includes all 12 sessions and additional experiences. Both Monthly Session Registrations and Annual Membership offer a Premium option.

Monthly Session Registration

Register for one 3.5-hour Manifest for $49 US and $67 CAD.

Or register for the Premium option for $99 US and $135 CAD. Premium includes the 3.5-hour session plus two 90-minute immersion processes. Led by Ekam faculty, the immersion processes are designed to help integrate your experiences from the initial session.

Manifest Registration USA   and  Manifest Registration Canada

Manifest Annual Membership

Sri Preethaji designed the monthly Manifest series to help you commit to this ongoing spiritual journey and invites you to receive her wisdom and expanded consciousness every single month with Manifest Annual Membership.

Whether you enroll with the Annual Regular or Annual Premium, you will have monthly access to each 3 1/2 hour Manifest and a weekly Ekam Prasadam (gifts) which includes:

  • Ekam Ceremony: to align your unconsciousness and conscious mind to the sacred.
  • Ekam Yoga Practice: integrating movement and consciousness
  • Ekam Chants: immersions in ancient healing reverberations.
  • Ekam Prayer: a synergic communication with the Divine for fulfilling heart’s desires
  • Ekam Deeksha: power of Deeksha flowing from the Divine into the collective consciousness.

When you enroll as a Premium Member, in addition to the monthly Manifest series and the weekly Ekam Prasadam, you receive two 90-minutes immersion follow-up calls that will:

  • Deepen, clarify and breakdown of the wisdom and main points of the manifest itself
  • Give you a Sadhana to practice for the following 30 days
  • Guides you through a sacred process and a blessing
  • Allow time for questions and answers

This commitment to your annual spiritual journey as a Premium Member makes you eligible for the precious added gift of two 60-minutes exclusive interactions with Sri Krishnaji. This interaction includes: Sri Krishnaji’s profound and enlightened wisdom, questions and answers, and a specific blessing or Limitless Field Meditation for your enlightenment.

Your Annual Manifest Membership supports your spiritual needs for the entire year!

Register for the Annual Regular Membership for $600 US and $804 CAD.

Register for Annual Premium Membership for $1,200 US and $1620 CAD.

Manifest Membership USA   and   Manifest Membership Canada

Ekam Prasadam

You may now participate in a monthly subscription for Ekam Prasadam only! It’s a beautiful gift for yourself, for your family, and for friends!

Prasadam Subscription