One Consciousness
Leaders Circle


One Consciousness Leaders Circle (OCLC) is a progression of courses, processes and experiences scientifically designed by Krishnaji and Preethaji. Throughout this journey, Krishnaji mentors all participants.

6 Spiritual Attainments

There are 6 spiritual attainments that awaken leaders to several powerful aspects of consciousness. Attainments are achieve in the 10 levels of courses. At the end of each level, through direct blessings from Krishnaji, leaders are initiated into special Deeksha powers to awaken others to the magnificent aspects of consciousness.

Limitless Creator Level 1 & 2

The leader attract 8 forms of abundance into their life and becomes imbued with the power to manifest miracles and synchronicities.

Limitless Love Level 3 & 4

The leader creates magic in personal relationships, work life and social life by awakening to love in every aspect.

Limitless Impact Level 5 & 6

The leader becomes a powerful presence that can impact the web of life by transforming people and situations.

Limitless Freedom Level 7 & 8

Living free of the clutches of suffering, the leader becomes a force for peace, happiness and well being in the world.

Limitless Expansion Level 9

Living in one consciousness, the leader contributes to breaking down walls of separation and creating a connected humanity and a connected world.

Philosopher Teacher Level 10

Leaders emerge into a wise one capable of teaching the way to humanity.

5 Phases

One Consciousness  Leaders Circle is not like any other course. It is a process that holds at its core, esoteric meditations from ancient sages and seers, practices and methods based on latest scientific research and life transforming wisdom directly from the founders, Krishnaji and Preethaji. At every level of OCLC, spiritual transformation unfolds in 5 phases during which consciousness awakens and expand into the various spiritual attainments.

  • Phase 1:  12-day course for level 1 and 9 days for levels 2-10.
  • Phase 2:  3-day sacred space experience to immerse in the transcendental.
  • Phase 3:  Preethaji’s Field of Abundance where you enter the Limitless Field to awaken to powerful realms in consciousness.
  • Phase 4:  3-day process at Ekam where the energy field impacts a neurobiological transformation resulting in sustained beautiful states of consciousness.
  • Phase 5: Preethaji’s Field of Abundance a second time experiencing the Limitless Field to nurture one consciousness.


On campus programs are cancelled until further notice.

Leadership mentoring by Sri Krishnaji. Creating intuitive leaders with the capacity contribute to greater abundance and well-being in society.